With Child

People everywhere are having babies, and it's about time somebody said something. First, a question: do people say "with child" anymore? I kind of like it – it lends a certain gravitas to the proceedings. Moreso than, say, "preggers." Try it: She's with child. Now try: She's preggers.

Totally different.

Second, a poem of sorts – something I wrote several years ago, when we got together with some friends, and the ladies started comparing bellies.

* * * * *

small wonder

a friend who is pregnant dreams a
golden sunshine painted on her belly.
is that so strange? i watch her husband
circle – he is drawn to her, not close but
never far. she is one of three with child
radiant and exhausted, and
we men talk as though we never
wish to feel the kick of tiny feet
a somersault or hiccups; like we
do not wonder at our wives resilience.
they sip their drinks and hold their sides,
their backs; their bellies impossibly round
as if inside they bore the world
like Atlas, on their hips – small wonder
we can't pull away from such a cosmic thing.

j. thorp
20 feb 02

* * * * *

Congrats to new moms, old moms, experienced moms, professional moms, surprise moms, renewed moms, moms-to-be, and moms-thrice-over. You're amazing.

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