Summer Vacation, Day 39: Non-Stop Fun

Gabe turns eight on Monday, so last night he hosted a sleep-over birthday party. Bren went to a friend's house, so it was our Gabe and his friends Gabe A., Jack, and Cole, plus Emma and Trevor. The boys were awake until around 1 a.m., and rose around 7. Ah, to have that youthful energy!

They left around 9:30, Bren came home around 10, and Bren, Gabe and I left at 10:15 for kung-fu class in St. Paul. (This is the first weekend in the last five or six that we've made it.) Then home again for lunch, then Emma and I left to get the oil changed in the Golf and finish birthday shopping for Jodi - hers is tomorrow. Returned from that in time to get ready for Bren's final baseball game. They lost a great game tonight, 10-8. Well done, Radiators - kudos on a great season! Got home around 8 for supper; showers and baths and clean-up until right about now - quarter to 10 p.m.

Tomorrow looks like church, a special brunch for Jodi, gifts, yard work (a ton!), then a cookout at a friends place. Still haven't gone fishin'. Still having a pretty good time.

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