Summer Vacation, Day 51: Better World

Brendan, our oldest, came to work with me today. On the way in, we talked about all sorts of stuff - not typical 10-year-old stuff, but grown-up things, like whether people who don't believe the same as you should still respect your beliefs. Super cool!

Then The Current spun "War!" - "Ughn! Good God, y'all! What is it good for? Absolutely nothin'! Say it again!" - and the boy began to philosophize:

"I wish we could find a better way to deal with problems that wars or the death penalty and stuff. ... I wish that there wasn't all the really bad stuff in the world - but not perfect, because nothing would be funny. If everything were perfect, there would be no laughter. ... I wouldn't want it to be perfect, and I would change the things I've done wrong that have gotten me in trouble because how would I learn about right and wrong? ... And if we were all perfect, what would we laugh about?"

O wise child! Thy father loves thee!

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