Monsterku Honors!

Some of you saw the earlier post about Adam Rex's kaiju haiku contest. Well, he announced the winners today, and our own lil monster got an honorable mention! How cool is that?

It occurs to me that I never shared the haikus Trevor and Gabe submitted. Trevor, it turns out, speaks in 17 syllables — while I was explaining to Gabe and Bren the rules of the contest, he said:

Dad, I know what the
important thing about horned
monsters is: the horns

A few days later, Gabe wrote:

He is big and bad
He is Frankenstein, he is
He is green and stiff

I love the homespun line "He is Frankenstein, he is" — shore nuff! I'm not the least bit proud — can you tell? Thanks, Jacqui, for pointing us to Adam Rex's site!

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