Faulkner, or Three Things to Love About As I Lay Dying

Last summer, I agreed to my friend Jacqui's challenge to read 15 Classics in 15 Weeks. I've not kept pace, but I have persisted — and today I finished William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying.

I picked it for two reasons: one, because I was reading Hemingway, and as I recall the two crossed words now and again, and two, because it is told stream-of-consciousness, and I thought it might warm me up for James Joyce's Ulysses. (As I'm writing this, I realize how poorly read I am: I'm not sure these connections make any sense at all, since I am making them all second- and third-hand.)

At any rate, I enjoyed Faulkner a great deal, although the story and characters aren't particularly lovely or lovable. That's part of the genius, I reckon ...

And so, Three Things to Love About As I Lay Dying:

Next up: Homer's The Odyssey, then Joyce's Ulysses.

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