Gabe's Twisted Sense of Humor

We're at Bren's baseball game, with our backs to the high-school girls' softball team. Behind us: PING!, then "Heads up!" A fluorescent yellow softball rockets over the backstop behind us, over our heads, and slams into the fence around the ball field in front of us.

"Wow!" I say.

"They shouldn't say, 'Heads up,'" says Gabe, "because if you stick your head up ..." — and he extends his neck as high as it will go — "... you have a better chance of getting hit by the ball."

I smile and nod. "Maybe they should say, 'Duck and cover!'" I suggest.

"Yeah," says Gabe, "and then it's like you grab a little kid to duck under!" ... and he laughs and laughs.

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