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Blogger's Note: This blog serves many purposes: instant writer gratification, testing ground for new ideas, opportunity to spout off ... and, importantly, archive of cute Thorplet anecdotes. This post falls firmly into that category. (I apologize that one of these is a Facebook rerun from Jodi's page, but Facebook is temporary. Werd-Fu is forever.)

First, a conversation between Trevor and Jodi on Monday:

Trevor: "Mom, is there really an Easter Bunny?"

Jodi: "What do you think?"

Trevor: "Wow, there really is! But mom, I didn't know a bunny could hide eggs when it is hopping. It should be the Easter kangaroo!"

I especially love his reaction to the question, "What do you think?" That question is, hands down, the best parental response to any faith-related question from a child age 7 or less. They want to believe!

Now, a couple of gems from today. First, while he was eating lunch, completely out of the blue he said:

"Dad, if you have one more than an even number, then you can have a middle, right?"

Absolutely right. He claimed he was just thinking about it, and it came to him on the spot.

A little while later, while I was standing on a snowy front step, calling Puck:

"Dad, if I was you and I was outside, I would say, 'Meow!' because dogs like to chase cats!"

I tried it in the house a bit later. Puck looked disgusted.

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