Homer, or Three Things to Love About The Odyssey

Blogger's Note: Two long summers (and two even longer winters) ago, I agreed to my friend Jacqui's challenge to read 15 Classics in 15 Weeks. I've wandered far and been adrift much longer than 15 weeks, but I have persisted — a bit like Greek hero Odysseus.

As darkness fell, the ancient tale well-told, he
Closed the book and to his chambers retired.
Beneath a warming mantle he pondered long
In his mind how best to share his far-flung
Thoughts with his godly companions who would
Soon join him online, until at last the bright-eyed
Goddess shed sweet slumber upon his sacred brow.
And there he slept throughout the ambrosial night.

And when the early-born, rosy-finger dawn smiled
Sweetly upon him, warming him awake with golden
Light, he rose and girded himself in cotton trousers,
Blue and well-riveted, and a shirt, tee in form, all
One bright green. Upon his contrary-minded legs
He made his way, duck-like, to the cold-floored
Hall in which great feasts were held. No servants
Found therein, he shed a well-hid tear at cruel
Misfortune, then with skilled fingers fumbled not
The filters nor the beans, but sought to brew
Strong coffee, and he did. The bitter black elixir
Fast consumed, he brightened, and his newly-wakened
Mind sent wingéd words from fingertip to keyboard.
The much-distracted Thorp, so slow to read, thought
Well, and quickly wrote and shared these words:

With no further ado, Three Things to Love About The Odyssey:

Next up? Joyce's Ulysses was on tap, but now I'm not sure. I'll surprise you — hopefully in less than 11 months.

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