Brotherly Love...of Sandwiches

I've blogged before about my second son's penchant for strange sandwich combinations, as well as my youngest son's unprompted disdain for his older brother. This morning over breakfast, the two experienced something of a breakthrough in their relationship.

I was seated at the kitchen table, munching a peanut butter toast sandwich. Trevor (our youngest) walked by and saw me. "Dad," he asked, grinning and staring, "what are you eating?"

"Toast and peanut butter."

"Oh," he said. "It looked like a sandwich I made before. It had toast and cinnamon and sugar, and I put cheese on it."

Gabe popped up like prairie dog: "Did you butter the toast?"

"Yup," said Trevor.

"Cinnamon toast with cheese?" I said. "That's different!"

"Cool," said Gabe, nodding his approval.

Trevor beamed. "Gabe," he said, "we should like each other more!"

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