Friends and Good People Redux

I used to post links to the right of this blog, under the header "Friends and Good People." Some of the links were to other blogs; some, to business Web sites or organizations run by family and friends, past and present. I took most of them down after a couple of them turned up broken, and a blog or two hadn't been updated in long months, and one site featured objectionable (to me) content a single click from my page.

Recently, however, I've begun to follow a few new blogs fairly regularly, and I find I am often delighted by the writing and/or the subject matter. So I'm adding them under A Few Favorites, at the right, and featuring them here today:

I'm struck by the diversity of people and perspectives we can come to love in this life. The people behind my favorite blogs would never cross paths unless I invited them all to a chili feed some crisp autumn evening and didn't explain who else was coming. I've disagreed with each of them myself at different times, sometimes vehemently. But I love 'em just the same. Hope you might, too.

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