(Pro) Life, Without Religion, Part 2:
A Little ... Something

Inspired by recent ultrasounds of our tiny child resting peacefully in utero, last month I shared my response to a common abortion-rights argument: "It's my body; it's my choice." In that post, I argued that, in no way could an embryo or fetus be considered the mother's body, or even part of the mother's body.

The question remains, then: what is it? A few possibilities come to mind: it may be a bit of foreign debris or tissue; it may be a tumor (benign or malignant); it may be nonhuman organism (like a parasite or symbiotic microorganism); or, it may be Homo sapiens – a human organism. I'll address these possibilities one at a time:
Even some abortion supporters make it this far. At this point, the arguments become much more philosophical: abortion supporters claim is that this human organism is not a human being – it is a genetically human living thing, but only a potential human being. This raises a fundamental question: What makes a human organism a human being? I'll share how my pre-religious mind tackled that question in my next post on this topic.

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