Rosebud on Food

Our daughter is a picky eater. She likes what she likes (toast, buttered noodles, brownies, meat) and little else (most plants). She also has a sense of humor about food and eating.

A few days ago, the boys were talking about our recent train ride to Mall of America and brought up Rainforest Cafe, which no Thorp but Emma has ever entered (for a friend's birthday party). The boys were speculating about the entrees, and Brendan -- recalling Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, no doubt -- asked if they serve monkey brains.

"I'm not sure," said Emma, deadpan,  "but not on the kids menu!"

Then this morning, she and I were eating English muffins together. "Emma," I said sternly, "you've got butter on your little finger. You know what you have to do now." Then I mimed licking my finger and savoring the white fatty goodness.

She smiled. "I'll do that when I'm finished," she said. "I'm gonna make sure there's lots of butter on it!"

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