For Jodi: An Anniversary Poem

The two of us.
Seventeen years ago today, I promised my life to my bride. I do not say I married my best friend, though I may have thought so at the time and though it is certainly true today. We were young and barely knew ourselves, let alone each other.

In truth, I married my greatest challenge -- as I have said before, "the rock, the glue, and the guide." What we glimpsed during those first three summers in South Dakota was an unseen hand and an unimagined plan for us. Thank you, Jodi, for trusting Him, and teaching me to trust.

you were the word unspoken, love
the gift yet to bequeath
when light first pierced my darkness and
revealed the void beneath

i was an unformed wastrel then
a breath of dust, alone
you were a shaping vision, love
and carved from solid bone

you were a moving stillness, love
my unknown missing peace
a heartstring tug that drew me near
my bond and my release

i was a crash of water then
and you the softest stone
i broke myself upon you, love
and you returned me home

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