How the Baby of the Family Celebrates

"I'm three now!"
 On Monday, our monsterpiece turned three. Strangely, the fact that, for one special day, the world revolved around her seemed very much like any other day, except that she also got to choose what we had for dinner. Baked mac-and-cheese and meatloaf was the order. (Actually, Double Beetloaf, a tongue-in-cheek name for a family favorite recipe from Jodi's soon-to-be sister-in-law, Tally.) And a castle cake, with pink frosting and multicolor sprinkles.

She just uncovered her new gift.
Her gift has been hiding in our shed since late last summer: a toy kitchen, complete with cookware and play food, picked up at a garage sale down the street. She's been cooking vegetable-donut soup, making coffee with baked beans and green beans, and making giant cups of tea topped in strawberry ice cream ever since.

No real veggies could ever compare!
Based on these recipes, she will not be catering her birthday party this weekend, which she somehow convinced everyone she was having by talking about it for the past month as if it were a reality. She has invited two girls roughly her age from daycare, one preschool-age neighbor girl, plus Emma's middle-school friends Ella, Emma, Paige, and Olivia; and Brendan's and Gabe's high-school friends Olivia, Joe, Jeff, Justin, and Joey.

"Excuse me...I need to take this."
See, they're her friends, too. She knows them. She talks to them. She claims them. And I think most of them are coming, because when Lily beckons, it's what you do.

"She so cute!" Jeff's and Joe's parents gushed at Brendan's wrestling meet tonight.

Oh, no, I thought. She's got you, too.

Happy birthday, dearest monster!

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